ZHQ-A Automatic Trimming High-precision Crosscutting Machine

Performance and Characteristics
This machine is suitable for horizontal and vertical cutting rolling materials such as, chrome paper, coated paper and kraft paper, etc. It's much more suitable for production of paper making and paper process industry. 

Adopts pneumatic automatic materials loading system with much easy operation and convenience. 
Adopts down-up recurrent cutting with orderly finished products and without water caltrop; Meantime, it can be used for horizontal cutting and vertical cutting at one time.  
With PLC touch screen for electrical system section. Frequency converter timing system combined with servo motor so that this machine can be synchro operation.
It has the functions of high-precision of cutting, high speed, etc. Pneumatic structure combined with micro-computer control be adopted for transmission section, making it become much more steady operation.  
It has the function of automatic stacking which is in order. Photoelectric auto tracing subtense system.

Main Technical Parameters

Model ZHQ-1100A ZHQ-1300A
Max width 1100mm 1300mm
Max diameter of unwinding φ1400mm φ1400mm
Cutting length 200-1200mm 200-1200mm
Speed 10-140times/min 10-140times/min
Precision ±0.2mm ±0.2mm
Thickness scope 80-500g/m2 80-500g/m2
Height of stacking Max.1200mm Max.1200mm
Total power 8.5kw 9.5kw
Weight 3800kg 4500kg