HQJ-D(A4) Computer High-precision PAPER cutting Machine

Performance and Characteristics
This machine is suitable for cutting big rolling packaging materials such as office, paper-plastic,photo paper material,etc.

It adopts PLC touch screen control, servo motor for controlling constant-length cutting.
It adopts pneumatic,photoelectric sensor for controlling transminssion system, with photo,electric, gas together, it has the functions of easy operation, high precision, good  stability,low noise.
This machine has  the  functions  of  the  frequency  converter  timing  device,  auto-matic counting, stop working by alarm magnetic powder tension control, can be cutted vertically, adopt blower to get rid of waste.
This machine can be with 1 roll.2roll.4roll loading systerm.

Main Technical Parameters

Model HQJ-1100D(Two roll) HQJ-1400D(Two roll)
Max.width of cutting 1100mm 1400mm
Max diameter of material φ1400mm φ1400mm
Min.width of cutting 50mm 50mm
Length of cutting 20-400mm 20-400mm
Speed 10-140times/min 10-140times/min
Precision ±0.2mm ±0.2mm
Total Power 9.5kw 11kw
Weight 3500kg 4000kg
Overall dimension(LxWxH) 8600x1500x2000mm 8600x1800x2000mm